Linthone: Child's Dream Scholarship


November 13, 2020



LinthoneCongratulations to Linthone, who will study Economic Development and Planning at the National University in Vientiane.He graduated from Santiphab High School in Luang Prang where he lived in the dormitory on scholarship as one of the brightest students in the north of Laos.


He was an editor for, and actor in, last year’s film The Value of Money - ຄຸນຄ່າຂອງເງີນ, made during the summer 6 week filmmaking class @ My Library.


He helped lead the first ever psychology experiment in Laos while participating in our Altruism Bookclub. They conducted a social experiment comparing happiness level differences between using donated money on oneself vs. using it for someone else. They unexpectedly confirmed a very Lao trait: the Lao are very good at sharing… many in the subject group designated to use the funds on themselves ignored their directions and decided to help someone else!


He won Best Collection in an English Haiku poetry writing contest @ My Library.




We wish Linthone the very best of luck and know he will continue to be successful.