Other Libraries

Other Libraries supported by the Language Project:


To give you a sense of the reach of our project, here is a partial list of libraries we have created and or supported.

Books + = books + other (Audio players + audio learning materials, furniture, posters, games etc)

1. Wat That Luang, Luang Prabang: book library... moved to Wat Sop...moved to the novice’s school at Wat Siphoutabat

2. Novices’ Computer Library, Wat Siphoutabat, Luang Prabang: Renovations, Computers, Books+

3. Ban Somsanouk, Luang Prabang: Books+

4. Children’s Library, Luang Prabang Cultural Center: books +

5. Public Library, Luang Prabang: books+

6. Santiphab High School, Luang Prabang: Books, computers, salaries, renovations

7. National Library, Vientiane: Books +, computers

8. Wat Ong Teu Buddhist College Library, Vientiane: Books+

9. Nong Khiaw, Luang Prabang: Books+

10. Muang Khua, Phongsaly: Books +

11. Muang Ngoi, Luang Prabang: Books +

12. Deaf School Library, Luang Prabang: Books+

13. Pak Seuang Agriculture College, Luang Prabang: Books+, computers

14. Health College Library, Luang Prabang: Books +

15. Teacher Training College, Luang Prabang: Books +

16. Souphanouvong University, new campus, English Department Library: Books +

17. Law College, Luang Prabang: Books +: .

18. Souphanouvong University Teacher Training Library: Books + computers

19. Wat Mano novices’ primary school computer room, Luang Prabang: computers, training

20. My Library, Luang Prabang: books +, computers, renovations, salaries, scholarships

21. Khouatineung Primary Schook, Luang Prabang: library building, books +

22. Ban Jok, Chomphet, Luang Prabang: Sala, books+

23. Wat Sokpaluang, Vientiane: books +, computers, renovations, training

24. Vieng Xai, Sam Neua: Books +

25. Ban Danhang, Sam Neua: Books+

26. Viengkham High School Library, Luang Prabang: Books +

27. Wat Sisavangvong, Sayabuli: library building, salaries, books, computers, training

28. Sayabuli Public Library, Sayabuli: Books+

29. Kok Ngiew Library, Luang Prabang: Books+

30. Suan Luang Ethnic School Library, Luang Prabang: Books+

31. Nam Bak Ethnic School, Luang Prabang: Books+

32. Chomphet High School, Luang Prabang: Books+

33. Nambak High School, Luang Prabang: Books+

34. Butterfly Children’s Center, Muang Sing, Luang Namtha: Computers, books+, training

35. Xieng Khouang Teacher Training College (Khankhay) Xieng Khouang: Books +

36. Nong Het Library, Xieng Khuang: Books+ .

37. Sayabuli High School, Books +

38. Ban Thapen Books +

39. Luang Prabang Health College, Books +

40. Luang Prabang Vocational School, Books +

41. Paa Oo Buddhist School, Books +

42. Wat Choumkong Library, Books +

43. Thong Pong Secondary School, Luang Namtha, building fund, books, computer

44. Lone Buffalo, Phonesavan, Xieng Khuang, Books +

45-60 Teacher libraries (15 libraries): Luang Prabang, Xieng Khouang, Udomxai, Houaphan, Luang Namtha: Books +, computer

61-64 Udomxai Village Library Project (4 libraries), Udomxai: books +, projectors

65. Luang Prabang Orphanage School, Books +

66. Phonekham High School, Luang Prabang, Books +, Computers