Khouatineung Primary School, Luang Prabang

They pour into the library, reading together or alone, doing flashcards, puzzles or other activities and seem unhampered by the crowded conditions. This is the first time they have had a library.



Update February 2013: Because so many of our best users @ My Library come from Ban Khouatineung we decided to build them a new library at KT1 Primary School. Here it is as a work in progress.





So much of what we take for granted and think is innate, is learned…and only learned if you have access to the materials. At our libraries for high school and older kids learning to do puzzles for the first time is a regular activity. Here at KT1 they’ve gone from never having seen a puzzle to able to do complex puzzles in a matter of weeks, and with it they have gotten a head start on life.



We chose KT1 as our first primary school library because so many of our best users at “My library” come from this village. We want to introduce at a younger age many of the same skills and strategies that our older kids are just now learning in problem solving, and deductive reasoning and spatial reasoning.






We want to promote curiosity and engagement and get a head start on lifelong learning.