Wat Sisavangvong, Sayabuli

After more the 1000 checkouts in three months we decided to build a new library.

Studying mathsThe teachers were engaged. The process of recording new books in inventory was always accompanied by many teachers stopping by, perusing the new collection and immmediately getting lost in a book; later I would always see the monk who is Director of Education reading something new. With the new library, materials and computers, they are still engaged.

monks reading This library represents our second generation in the work where those who have used our libraries go on to take a leadership role in beginning new ones. It was initially cared for by the English teacher at the High School, monk Viengvilay, who had utilized Language Project library materials at the Buddhist College.

Layman Viengvilay volunteerNow the new library is finished and staffed by Viengvilay, who is now a layman, married with a new baby, and volunteer novices chosen by the faculty.

Studying togetherWhen we were building we brought Viengvilay and 5 novices to Luang Prabang for a month of training in computers and how to take care of the library

Boys learning together at computerEach year the 1 or 2 who graduate are replaced by younger novices who then teach the users what they have learned.