The Language Project

Creating and supporting libraries in underdeveloped areas.

Giving motivated people the resources and tools they need to study and help themselves.

  • We are presently working in Laos, where we have developed a working relationship with the Director of the National Library and tapped the energy and experience of local, motivated students, teachers and community leaders.
  • Our library and book donation program is unique. Unlike most projects that rely on donated used books and book overruns, we carefully choose every book to be culturally appropriate and to meet specific, local needs at individual libraries. We believe that our users are important and that small collections carefully chosen have the greatest value.
  • Although founded in 2000 to help the large number of students studying English without access to materials, the push for education and the severe shortage of materials in every subject area quickly led to the expanded role of supporting study in all areas.
  • 95% of the materials we provide are not available in Laos.
  • The Language Project is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, non-profit organization.

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